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Erlach – Anonymous imageboard as SPA on the WebSockets and uses BPG images.
Erlach uses advanced technology on the Web. We had planned to do imageboard most austere and usable. And we did it. This is the second implementation of our imageboard in which we have come to the SPA instead of Dynamic Pages, and is now fully switched to BPG.
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Synrc research center – For the true happiness of all sentient beings.
Due to the existence of RabbbitMQ, Riak, LING, gproc, N2O and Cowboy we were able to deliver the state of the art solutions to our customers. Our secret is beneath the way of what we are using and how. And this is not only Full Web Stack Apps like Web Framework, Databases and Social Connectivity but also DNS, LDAP, SMPP, MPLS and other internet protocols and services.